A brief trouble shooting guide.

USE THE WEBSITE!†† Oh look your already on the website!!

We try our best to provide a solid set up, but from time to time things can go wrong.
So hereís the deal, we provide a year of support and all your entertainment for 12 months fore less than a family outing to the cinema donít feel robbed if we canít help you immediately or divert you to the self-help guides or get annoyed because you message us at gone 10pm or 2 am in the morning!, we made them for a reason, the more you learn and understand it the better your experience!

If your sub decides to stop working!

Itís not always down to us.
Thereís many variables involved here, we do a solid thing for a budget price!

DIAGNOSING first can save time and loads of frustration.
So here goes.

No matter if your subs working or not I highly suggest you take a moment to read the ďyour m3u sub explainedĒ itís in guides on the website,
It will take no more than two mins to read it.
it will help you understand what, where, and how your sub works!

Whatever your device first port of call ask yourself this!
And try these solutions.

1.    Is my sub in date or could it have run out?

2. Check support group to see if itís us or just you, itís rarely us but if it is we update group and fix it sharpish!

3. Reboot your router and device (helpful to do this before footie or major sporting events!)

This gives everything a fresh boost!

If these donít answer your question or solve the issue read on!

Some things to do after checking group and resetting your stuff are as follows.

Absolute first!

Are you connected to the internet? I spent 40 mins the other day with a customer moaning at me only to find out someone had unplugged his ethernet cable from his router, Iím never going to get back those 40 minutes I feel robbed of life!

they soak up bandwidth like no tomorrow!!

Try your sub on phone or another app, ON AND OFF OF WI-FI
it could be your device playing up!
You can install more than one app on a device, apps are similar but not linked so it could be the app not working, you can use your sub on more than one device just viewing one at a time!

Things on your set up that play a part.
isp blockers.
you may have turned them off, but internet suppliers sometimes turn them back on
hereís a link to check yours.


Not enough bandwidth - disconnect anyone else on your net i.e. the wife, the kids to test it.

Internet throttling.
Itís a thing we didnít make it up! For shits and giggles!
Sometimes isps (internet service providers) throttle net at peak times to keep up with demand,
There far from mi6 but they own it they can do what they like!

Our apps, do you have the latest versions?
Sometimes apps just decide to not work purely because there crammed up with data, easy fix
Delete reinstall, takes minutes.
Weíre not sky we do our best but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

Most apps can be changed cleared out of old data with other methods, easiest and quickest way again delete reinstall.

Our apps
Username and password error.
100% itís a typo you have made a mistake, usernames and passwords always work!
In password an I can look like an uppercase i but is often a lowercase L
O can look like a zero but itís likely capital or lowercase letter o.
Hereís the difference
zero- 0. Slightly elongated
Lowercase o pretty easy
Capital O - round, bold bit like a polO. (See what I did there with the oís!)
This website can identify the characterÖ/unicode-deÖ/character-identifier

Our apps
Video wonít play.
Did you install VLC or mx player or both from the app instructions guide??
Once installed mx or VLC then when you select play on content long hold the button
select vlc player
Or mx player.

If that doesnít work delete reinstall.

My Sounds out of sync?

Try turning off Dolby digital plus in device settings

Flick off channel then back on.

Reboot router

Firedl code doesnít work!

A firedl code is just a code made on a website with the url we use in downloader they donít always work and often get removed.

Use the app url on website in either downloader app (aftvnews on android) or firedl, one way should w