A little guide on how to add subtitles that aren't on your vod only sub.

You Must have mx player installed

 1 - long press the movie and select play with mx player

2 - once movie loads press pause

3 - click on top right 3 dots on screen

4- select subtitle

5 - select online subtitle

6 - select search

7 - tick box to enter your search text

8 - delete current and type in movie name ( I used just solo)

9 - press ok and it will search

10 - tick one that matches your film then download. Should only take a few seconds to download and you will see a message on screen when done .

 Unpause your film and you have subtitles.

 I've tested on a few films so far and been spot on but as I'm not in control of it I can't guarantee it will work on everything