Make sure you have Putty Installed on your PC before you start (get this from google)

(Download from here)




          Open web browser on PC




          Click vod Code Generator


          Copy and Paste or type login details into generator


          Click xc multi


          Click generate


          Copy script.


          Open Putty on pc

        (Download from here)



          On zgemma

                   press Menu




                   You will see at the top IP Address (example


          Enter IP Address into the Box in Putty


          Click Open


          It will say "Login As:"


          type root


          If it asks for password type root again

          (when typing the password it will not show u typing for security reasons but you are typing)


          Paste the script by right clicking the mouse in the black area


          Run script by hitting enter


          Once script is finished Restart the box




                   To view Click menu


                   Xc multi (Or PremiumVOD)