PremiumVOD Simple Install Guide

How to Install VOD app
Firestick / Android

To install on android device skip to step 3) To install on a firestick you must 1) Go to Settings Device Developer option Unknown sources Turn it on 2) Go back to the main screen 3) On Firestick Go to search at the top or press the Mic button on the remote, and say "downloader" If On Android open Google Play Store and Search for aftvnews 4) install the Downloader app (Orange box with Downloader on it) 5) Open Downloader app and type in 6) Click install in bottom right corner wait for it to install once itís done open the app 7) Type in your username and password provided to you and enjoy :) Troubleshooting =============== If you get download ERROR check what you typed and try again If you get LOGIN FAILED, you typed your username and password incorrect. try again If when you get ERROR 2 come across the bottom of the screen this means your android is to old, you will need a newer device.